About Me

Rodney’s passion for photography began with the purchase of his first 35mm camera after he relocated to San Francisco in 1989. During his spare time, he would spend time exploring his new home by taking snaps of the beautiful city by the bay.

In the early 90’s he relocated to Los Angeles where he continued to hone his craft shooting nature scenes and portraits. From the mid 90’s to early 2000, Rodney’s creative interests took a different path which allowed him to explore writing and web design.

In 1997, Rodney formed his own web design company, Whit Communications & Media. His client roster features the entertainment industry and media arts.

In 2004, Rodney reconnected with his passion for photography and began shooting for several travel web sites. His journey has led him to many destinations around the world including (New York City, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Cambria in California Central Coast, Scottsdale, Arizona and as far away as Bangkok Thailand).

Within a year he built a vision that allows for even more global travel. In early 2005, Rodney began a monthly journey called “The Traveling Pair,” where he visits various resorts, wineries and festivals and shares his memories with you through the eyes of his camera.

2006 and 2007 marked a major shift in Rodney’s business interests. In addition to shooting travel and portraits Rodney’s client roster has also contiunually increased. He now adds a growing list of clients in the fashion industry including several top Hollywood and Beverly Hills boutiques and designers.

2009 also marks a growing interest in sharing his knowledge with other aspiring and professional photographers. His latest project and passion includes a new blog an internet radio show on BlogTalk Radio and a series of information products for professional and aspiring photographers via his website Photo Marketing Mentor.

The new blog features all of the tools, tips and techniques that Rodney has used to build his growing photography business. Learning from the Masters is one of several projects that Rodney is currently developing. A huge advocate for education and life long learning his goal is to create a community where photographers of all skill levels can jump in and sharpen their skills for this passionate art that he enjoys so much.

Quote: “I love capturing moments with my lens, noticing the details of life is what excites me. Whether it’s a street scene, a flower -or- people just going about the business of living their lives, my desire is simply to freeze moments in time and present them for the enjoyment of myself and others”. …-Rodney Washington-